Gaon Projects

Gaon Projects

Gaon Projects, Gaon Holding's projects Division, is a leading provider of comprehensive and integrated solutions for various water, gas and sewage infrastructure projects. As a result, its customers are able to benefit from working with Israel's largest operator in the field of conveyance infrastructures.

With such backing, the Projects Division is able to offer an extraordinary combination of experience, technology, engineering, management, financing, construction, operation and maintenance under a single roof. The Division operates as an active operational arm and strives to set international standards by taking part in complex TK, B.O.O and B.O.T model-based projects.

About Gaon Holdings (

Gaon Holdings, a public company, has for 20 years served as Israel's industry leader in the development and management of conveyance infrastructures for water, fluids and gas. As such, the company provides its services to a wide range of public institutes, corporations and industrial enterprises, all of which are known Israeli brands or leaders in their field. Among them:

  • Metco
  • Plassim
  • Madey Vered
  • Sagiv
  • Hakohav Valves
  • ATC
  • AquaAgroFund – A clean-tech venture capital fund.

In addition to the vast network of subsidiaries that operate alongside it, the Group also cooperates with numerous industry leaders from around the world. At the same time, the company maintains its leading position at the forefront of technology, constantly striving for integration of new technologies and entering of new fields, particularly those that focus on environmental protection, sustainable energy, smart-tech and more.

About the Projects Division

In light of the extensive knowledge it had gained over the years and following the successful completion of countless projects, the Group decided to establish its own dedicated projects Division, and this as response to growing customer demand for a well-organized unit that would operate as an integral part of Gaon Holdings, providing customers with required infrastructures and extensive knowledge in implementation of specialized solutions and services in the field of water and fluid conveyance and incorporation of smart technologies.

Gaon's Projects Division is in fact a unique partnership of leading Israeli companies that comply with the most stringent Israeli and international standards. As such, at the disposal of the group are numerous engineering teams, state-of-the-art laboratories, field services, research and development departments, a comprehensive contact network (including leading public and private entities in the water and gas infrastructures sector), a stable financial base and financial strength.

With such backing, the Projects Division is able to provide its customers with comprehensive and integrated solutions that are in whole far more valuable than the sum of their separate parts. The Division provides services in engineering design, procurement management, project management, financing, operations, maintenance, financial consultancy, economic feasibility studies and more. As a result, the Division is able to tackle any challenge it confronts in project management, serving as a one-stop shop for services that would otherwise require a dispersed and daunting network of providers. The Division specializes in construction and management of water infrastructures, water treatment plants, desalination plants, automated and remote water reading, wastewater treatment solutions, various agricultural solutions and more.

In light of the interaction and close cooperation it maintains with numerous industry leaders from around the world, the Division is able to extend its range of services to include a wide range of end technologies and smart solutions.

Rafi Ifergan, CEO Division

At the head of the Division is Rafi Ifergan who served as General Manager of the Middle East Tube Company Ltd. (a Gaon Group company) between 2012-2016. Prior to that Rafi served as VP of Technology & Engineering in Mekorot, Israel's national water company. As part of his capacity as VP, Rafi was involved in planning and management of complex projects in Israel's water sector market, including initiation and development of projects and mega-projects.

Turnkey projects

I Solar – Participation in one of the largest solar-thermal projects in the world, including establishment of “I Solar Green Tech”, a dedicated Gaon Holding subsidiary, for planning, production, construction and supply of pipes and other accessories to a solar thermal plant in California, USA. The project was estimated at $50 million and included subsequent operation and maintenance services upon completion of the plant.

Palmachim – The Gaon Holdings Group was involved in construction of a water desalination in Palmachim. The facility has been successfully operating for 10 years, providing approximately 30 million cubic meters of water per year to nearby cities.

Livnim Wastewater Treatment Plant - Gaon Holdings played a key role in construction of the plant which now serves a population of 45,000 residents, with future expansions planned for servicing of 65,000 residents by 2020. 

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