Frequently asked questions

  Can you do a project in my country?
question Yes, Top greenhouses are a worldwide supplier, and have managed thousands of projects around the globe, from very advanced countries, to very remote areas. We can help you build your next project.


  How much does it cost?
question Asking a price of a project is like asking how much a house will cost me. It varies from area to are, and depends on variables like, size, type of project. We had projects from 10$/m² to 1000$/m².


 But still I would like to estimate how much it will cost me?
question Again the most basic type of project is around 10$/m² (excluding transportation & installation) adding more advance systems like irrigation, cooling, heating, light and etc. will increase the price dramatically. Need more information – Contact us.


 I have a local supplier in my country, can you compete with him?
question Using years of knowledge we know where to save and were to invents, we have gathered our knowledge from cold places and hot places, from high tech areas and from rural areas, and we understand the needs of the farmer and the need of the plants, we are proud to say that we have a very efficient supply chain and even more efficient production plant, combining all of the above with the fact that we producing high volumes you have the answer to above question.


  How can I trust your quality?
question Most of the time, you don’t have to, we can forward you to one of our clients in your country and you can see for yourself. Even if we can't do so for some reason we have a strict in-house quality control system, which includes, 3 loops of QC checks, first is on the raw material, each material will be examined in our lab to verify the quality fits the needs. Second will be after processing, each sub assemble will be checked to fit the drawings, and the part specifications, and third, will be before shipment, each box of parts, will receive label with Box number and part number and we log all part after leaving the production site.


 I only need a simple greenhouse, can you help me?
question If it is for commercial greenhouse, probably yes, it depends on the scale and the complexity of the project, we can supply even small structures of 250m² but it depends on many factors, don’t hesitate to Contact us to get your answers.
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