Packing Houses

Packing houses serve as a sheltered working site for the packers, as well as the produce. They may also be used for storing packing equipment and materials and, if large enough, can house offices and communication facilities.

Packing houses are the nerve center for any horticultural business, where information is exchanged and standards are maintained. For businesses engaging in the export of fresh produce, a packing house is an essential part of the operation where selection, grading and quality control are implemented, prior to packing, labeling and preparing palates for shipment.

The various factors to be taken into consideration when planning a packing house include:

  • Operations
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Location
  • Design and construction materials
  • Management



  • The structure withstands wind loads of 120 Km/h
  • The total height of the roof is 7.5 m
  • The floors are made of concrete.
  • The structure can be covered by polyethylene, polycarbonate, corrugated tin, insulating panels, etc.
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