Complementary Systems

Greenhouse Control Systems are dedicated, computer-operated systems which are indispensible for the control and monitoring of climate, irrigation and fertilization. By controlling these factors, growers are able to maximize production and quality, while planning and managing costs, cultivation, harvests and pricing with a high level of accuracy.

Climate Control - Greenhouse accessories such as windows, curtains, fans, heating / cooling systems, and sprinkler systems are operated according to user-defined specifications to control the climate of a greenhouse, based on the optimal conditions for the produce being cultivated. System parameters include temperature, humidity, light and wind.

Irrigation Control - Considerations for controlling irrigation are managed for each product being grown and each plot cultivated. The system manages irrigation schedules and quantities, as well as water density in soil and other parameters. The irrigation control also implements the fertilization program, while checking EC, pH and other elements involved.

Fertigation Control - To implement fertilization, in conjunction with the irrigation program, there are diferent types of fertigation machines, Mixer, Bypass and Online Fertigation Machines - All three machines ensure the right proportions between irrigation water and the amount of fertilizer required by each crop. A Spirit Controller supervises accuracy.

Heating ControlIn cold contries it is needed to heat the greenhouse in order to be able to grow all year arround, there are many types of heating systems, based on hot water or hot air.

Light Control - Supplying light to the plants is a demanding task, using ligt supplement is an option that may need to be evaluated.

Irrigation and Fertilization Turnkey Projects - Top Greenhouses plans and implements turnkey irrigation and fertilization projects, starting from pumping the water from reservoirs and up to the last dripper. This includes engineering drawings, supply of all materials and systems, installation and post-project consultations.

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