Top Gothic

Top Gothic greenhouses are designed to provide maximum growth area and superb natural light distribution. Their arched roofs are suitable in both cold and hot climates, as well as in areas with high winds of up to 150 Km/h. They typically are designed with 3" columns every 4 meters and 2" arches every 2 meters, but may be reinforced to handle the weight of snow, with columns placed ever 2 meters. Gothic models are suitable for covering with polyethylene or with polycarbonate. A lateral roof vent enables controlled use of natural ventilation. Like other Top Greenhouse models, Gothic greenhouses offer the maximum capacity for environmental and climate control by using computer-operated, automated systems.

Top Gothic comes in 3 diffrent options

  • No roof window
  • Single roof window (motorized with rack & pinion system)
  • Double roof window (motorized with rack & pinion system)


Greenhouse Specifications

  • Gable spans of 8-9.6m
  • Height of gutter - 4m, 4.5 or 5m
  • Total height - 6-6.5m
  • Reinforced for trellising load of 25 Kg/m².


Ventilation Specifications

  • Width of roof vent - 2.6m
  • Height of opening - 1.10m
  • Ventilation rate of the total greenhouse area: 12% in the single roof vent type and 24% in the double vent type.
  • Roof vent may not surpass the maximum top height to prevent water swelling in the coverings due to heavy rains.
  • Roof vent is electrically operated by gear motors and a rack and pinion operation system.


Choose a Top Gothic greenhouse when:

  • Climate fluctuates
  • Snow is common
  • Winds are high
  • Monsoons and heavy rain are seasonal
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