Top Koren

Top Koren greenhouses are suitable for changing weather conditions, such as in desert regions with hot days and cold nights, hot summers and cold winters. This type is similar to Top tropical but with a roll-up curtain on the top vent.


  • Natural ventilation inside the greenhouse: hot air accumulated in the greenhouse is released through the roof vents when the roof curtains are open. When temperatures are low, the roof curtains are rolled down to protect the crops.
  • Roof ventilation is less important, as closed roof gables are installed at both extremes of the structure and the structure is ventilated through side-wall openings.
  • The fixed roof-vent gables are installed in the middle, combining both types of gables.
  • The number of gables of each type varies per client requirements.
  • Closed roof gables along the edges protect the roof-vents against strong winds.
  • Cover sheets for the roof are narrow due to the two small arches of the roof, simplifying the job of covering the roof and prolonging the life of the sheets.
  • The shape of the arches enables excellent sun radiation inside the greenhouse.
  • Side wall openings can be covered with insect-proof net and roll-up curtains.
  • This model is designed according to Israeli standards
  • Suitable for any type of crop: vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc.
  • The structure can be equipped with trellising supports, shading or thermal screen systems, irrigation devices, etc.


Technical Data

  • Width of gable - 8-9.6 m
  • Height of gutter - 4 m
  • Opening of roof-vent - 1.45 m
  • Balcony on gutter front
  • Distance between columns- 4 m
  • Trellising load - up to 25 Kg/m²
  • Wind load - up to 122 Km/h
  • All parts are made of galvanized steel
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