Top Nano

A Commercial Greenhouse Package, Greenhouse is a great way to be able to produce food and flowers all year, no matter what the weather is like outside. Many farmers would like to get a greenhouse structure of some sort, but they don't know what type of greenhouse or they just can't afford a commercial grade greenhouse.

Top Nano is a commercial 1,073 Sqm greenhouse kit that is affordable, all-inclusive, greenhouse package that include a professional greenhouse, cladding, irrigation & fertigation system.
It was designed to be the best value for money for new farmers or even big farmers that need many small structures.


  • Commercial affordable, all-inclusive, greenhouse package.
  • Great for remote areas, no electricity needed.
  • Gravity irrigation& fertigation system.
  • Suitable for warm tropical climates.
  • High efficient, natural ventilation.


Technical Data

  • Gable span of 8m
  • Gutter Height of 4m
  • Structure size of 1073sqm (37x29m)
  • Reinforced for trellising load of 25 Kg/m²
  • Height of opening - 1.10m
  • No electricity needed


Package includes

  • Galvanized Steel Structure
  • 180u LDPE Covering
  • Irrigation system
  • Fertigation unit
  • Trellising System


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