Top Nethouses

Top Nethouses are the low cost solution to growers that wants to increase yields and product quality, considerable savings in operation costs (energy, irrigation, spraying, etc.)  plant disease suppression with limited amount of investment.

Top Nethouses are the midway solution between open-field and greenhouses allowing optimal for crops protection against pests, dust and wind.

Top Nethouse is a good solution for areas where there is frost. The nets significantly reduce the escape of heat from the ground and create a different micro-climate from what is outside, which makes it possible to keep plants in top condition even during frost.

Suitable for hot, dry climate conditions.
The structures can be covered by anti-insect nets or shading nets of various types



  • radiation reflection both from within and from outside the nethouse
  • controlled air-movement
  • increased light
  • reduces heat inside the nethouse
  • energy saving in heated constructions
  • pest repellent
  • moderation of day/night temperature
  • increment of the photosynthesis due to considerable diffused light transmission.


We have many varieties of nethouses, with different types of spans, shapes & heights.

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