Top Tropical

The Top Tropical model greenhouse offers optimal ventilation for tropical areas where heavy rains showers accourse. The fixed roof vent allows the humidity to exit the greenhouse. The shape of the arches allows excellent light transmission.


  • Suitable for warm tropical climates
  • Easy to build and maintain
  • Low cost, natural ventilation by fixed opening at the top, combined with the lateral openings
  • Wall-side openings can be covered with insect proof nets combined with roll-up PE covered curtains manually operated
  • The top opening of this type can only be protected by insect nets

Technical Data

  • Gable spans of 8-9.6 m.
  • Height of gutter - 4, 4.5 or 5 m
  • Basic columns - 3" diameter - every 4 meters
  • Arches -2" diameter every 4 meters
  • Suitable for polyethylene coverings and insect nets
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