Top Tunnels

The Top Tunnels offers simple cultivated farming solutions, simple to maintaine & easy to erect. The side vents allows the ventilation of the structure.


  • Simple and effective solution for varied and complex topographic conditions
  • Gable spans of 9 meters and 10 meters
  • Total structure height - 4 meters
  • Ventilation by side-wall openings covered by insect nets and roll-up curtains, manually or electrically operated
  • May only be covered by polyethylene held with aluminum clips
  • Suitable for all climate conditions and adaptable to any type of landscape.


3 Varieties of Top Tunnel Greenhouses

  • Regular tunnel with round arch - 9 m span
  • Gothic Tunnel with Gothic arch - 9-10 m span (suitable for snow)
  • Tunnel Battery (cluster of tunnels)
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